We empower & advocate

…for the people of Hawaii to assert their God-given rights
and reclaim their authority over government.

We The People

…are rapidly losing our rights and freedoms as well as trust in our government.


…we can restore our freedom!

Defending Hawaii

Removing unconstitutional mandates, bringing justice to those who suffered and holding government accountable.

Restoring Power to the People

Promoting election integrity, supporting true patriots in office, creating safeguards against government overreach.

Standing for Freedom

Promoting freedom and parental rights through education and community, stand with us!

About Us

For Our Rights was formed in response to blatant government overreach in the wake of Covid-19, however our mission has expanded to address an array of issues that threaten liberty in America. We are committed to protecting civil liberties and bringing justice for the harms imposed by our government.

We provide resources and education to stake claim to our God-given, unalienable rights–enumerated in the Bill of Rights and protected under the Constitution of The United States of America. We have assisted those who have been subjected to unconstitutional government regulations, provided guidance for those whose rights are being violated, and acted as watchdogs for activity in our state legislature. We have brought several lawsuits for those wrongfully harmed by unjustified regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to do what we can to protect the rights of Americans everywhere.

We The People must come together as a community to preserve our way of life here in Hawai’i and take a stand against government oppression. Please join us.

Support Election Integrity

HB No. 132 will eliminate existing audits by law. The very statute that currently provides a safegaurd to ensure that machine tabulation is acurately counting our votes is at risk of subversion through the introduction of this bill. The Office of Elections has refused...

Origins of SARS-CoV-2

The following is a 57-page dossier put together by Pam Popper, co-founder of Make Americans Free Again and one of our star attorneys, Thomas Renz. In this document you will find all of the proof that the origin of this virus came from gain of function research at the...

Ten Steps to True Election Integrity

By Sherilyn Wells, contributing writer Tick, Tick, Tick... If you have wondered if the same kind of election corruption and fraud took place in Hawai'i as clearly did in places like Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc.... wonder no more.  It did.  According...

Study Proves the Silencing of Dissent

A study published last week in SpringerLink shows the methods used by authorities to silence scientists who express vaccine dissent.  The study notes that while many assume vaccine dissenters to be "mostly hysterical parents or members of anti-vaccination groups" who...

Self Defense Against Propaganda

By Brady Stewart, Guest Writer ~ OPINION It has often been espoused that truth is the first casualty of war, therefore it is critical that we all learn to practice intellectual self defense against propaganda. These six general rules can be universally applied for...

Beware of Trojan Horses

March 30, 2022 By Sherilynn Wells, Contributing Writer Is Hawai'i being prepped for a "Justin Trudeau" experience with Trojan Horse candidates who have great sound bytes before the election, then, if elected, turn into enemies of freedom and the Constitution?   Why...

We are the Antidote

This Country is Leading in "Treatment" Next Time, Hawai'i, Let's Lead in Prevention By Sherilyn Wells, Contributing Writer March 5, 2022 Do you remember life before overreaching political executives decided to grant themselves extra-statutory powers having less and...

Who is the Criminal?

Joe Barton's radio show out of Woodstock, New York, with guest Levana Lomma, of For Our Rights On February 28, 2022 Levana Lomma, CEO and President of For Our Rights engaged in a two hour conversation with Lydia and Joe to share her story about being criminally...


For Our Rights supports the work of Dr. David E. Martin and Constitutional Law Group Founder Rick Martin who has organized a nationwide effort to send the following documents to each county prosecutor in the country on Monday February 14, 2022. There is no more...

Questioning the Validity of the Covid Vaccine Mandates

Below are studies that call into question COVID-19 "vaccine" mandates: 1) No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups When Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant, Acharya, 2021"Found no...