Reasons to Homeschool

Homeschooled children often receive a better education and consistently score on average 65th-80th percentile on standardized academic achievement tests as compared to the public school children who average 50th percentile.1

Homeschooling protects children from harsh COVID rules and mandatory vaccine mandates as well as draconian measures that could result in lifetime psychological damage.2

Some states have already passed laws mandating that children receive dozens of vaccines as a prerequisite for enrollment and have already added mandatory COVID vaccines.3

Many parents have discovered that their kids were not learning much at school.4

Homeschooling reduces or eliminates competition, judgment, ostracization, biases, labeling, prejudices, bullying, shaming and peer pressure.  With COVID fears, schools are adopting more dystopian policies to ensure students can learn under the regime of the new normal. This new normal includes removing choice from parents, overcomplicating teaching, and denying the facts surrounding COVID.5

Advantages of Homeschooling

Better curriculum with activities designed specifically for the needs of the child
Students move at their own pace with individualized attention
School takes significantly less time daily
Flexibility with schedules, work, and travel
Comradery and community with like-minded families
Reduces or eliminates competition, judgment, ostracization, biases, labeling, prejudices, shaming and peer pressure
Independent thinking is encouraged
Parents have more control in the socialization of their children

Resources to Support Homeschooling

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