Filing Claims for Covid Misbehavior

We the people can file legitimate complaints with state licensure boards reporting real harm caused by health providers. Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are being reported to state licensure boards for actions such as speaking out about masks, tests, and COVID vaccines; for prescribing effective drugs to treat COVID at home; and for writing vaccine exemption letters.

Many of these complaints are filed by people with no “standing” – they are not patients of these health providers, but rather disagree with actions taken or statements made and report them to the boards.

Board members and staff state that they must investigate all claims regardless of whether or not the complainant has standing, or any consideration of the validity of the claim. This is just one of the reasons why reforming the regulatory scheme for healthcare is needed. The boards are very busy these days investigating providers for exercising their first amendment rights to say what they think and using their professional judgment in caring for their patients/clients.

Meanwhile, providers who are inflicting real harm on patients remain untouched. It’s time for this to change.

Consumers who have been harmed by COVID-related misbehavior should file complaints with their state licensure boards. The instructions for taking action can be found in the following document.


This can make a huge difference if done right; it will accomplish nothing if people do not follow directions.