March 30, 2022

By Sherilynn Wells, Contributing Writer

Is Hawai’i being prepped for a “Justin Trudeau” experience with Trojan Horse candidates who have great sound bytes before the election, then, if elected, turn into enemies of freedom and the Constitution?  

Why else are we the last state to drop some – still not all – of the mandates?  

Why else might our history of living with the endemic corruption – “good old boy” system – that has marred Hawai’i for decades prove useful?  Could it be because we appear to be the most controllable population of the fifty states?  Why else would shaming tactics and labels, characterizing dissent as being against the Spirit of Aloha, have been used in place of factual rebuttals?  What in Hawai’i’s cultural history could play a role in our now-unwarranted obedience to a Screw-The-Constitution-Government?  Why else has there still been no FULL FORENSIC AUDIT (the only kind that detects all flaws), despite the fact that the notorious Dominion electronic voting system is “counting” Hawai’i’s votes? 

We have watched in disbelief as certain areas of our world became petri dishes for an expanded version of Covid’s social-control aspects.  When other lands known for their version of democracy and “aloha” (think of friendly Canada and “g’day, mate” Australia) became places where unimaginably fascist controls appeared “out of thin air,” enabled by (1) failure to provide meta-analyses (the highest form of proof) in support of the drastic control-measures, (2) police willing to (or pressured to) act against their fellow citizens in harsh and unconstitutional ways, (3) political executives willing to morph overnight into lying dictators, and (4) a media committed to censoring the voices of professional dissent, then we must ask if current circumstances in Hawai’i – including the track record of at least two of the prominent gubernatorial Kandidates who’ve appeared thus far – suggest that Hawai’i is being prepped to become the Pacific staging ground for another such experiment?

Trudeau is on the list of “Klaus-Kandidates,” politicians who attended one of the Klaus Schwab (of WEF “fame”) trainings, where they presumably learn how to infiltrate, deceive, slither into office, and then erupt in an anti-democratic fury the moment citizens exercise their constitutional/charter rights.  Their partner-in-crime is a mainstream media (MSM), whose tiny group of ultra-wealthy owners collaborate with “intelligence agencies” in dispensing propaganda that revises or eliminates facts, uses proven mind control techniques to reduce critical thinking/increase subconscious control, and suppresses all dissent.

Listen to prominent German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s confession if you want an insider’s revelations regarding what’s been happening to that formerly honorable institution.

“Kandidates” mimic the behavior of the “Klaus-Kandidates,” without having attended the formal training in deception and manipulation … an irrelevant distinction when one or the other type of Kandidate assumes power.

In reviewing their actions and public pronouncements during the last two years, I have to wonder if Globalist Green (Dr. Josh Green) or Komrade Kahele (Kaiali’I Kahele) are more honest ways to refer to these two candidates (one declared for governor, the other indicating interest)?  In their current political offices, they routinely parroted only the MSM sound bytes, even when the massive – and still growing – iceberg of evidence of pharmaceutical fraud and grievous harm from mandates/experimental injections and the drastic levels of censorship and the suppression of constitutional rights floated towards them. 

In response to this threat, we have witnessed a shocking dearth of Hawai’ian governmental figures willing to be the hero who lives up to their oath to serve the best interests of the people, to support the Constitution, to challenge censorship, to ensure that participation in medical experiments is not only voluntary, but accompanied by ALL relevant information as the information develops.  Notably, two who aspire to be the state’s next leader – Globalist Green and Komrade Kahele – have failed to stand up for these democratic principles.  Thankfully, we already have a few people running for various offices on a pro-Constitution platform, whose actions/history support their words.

What can we do, besides supporting the good candidates?  

SHARE INFORMATION – create networks that pass along facts the MSM fails to provide.  

VOLUNTEER to monitor elections.  STUDY how elections have been manipulated –  &  – and participate in countermeasures to ensure election integrity, including a DEMAND for a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT.  With the help of major organizations fighting for election integrity, RECRUIT electronic data experts to monitor what happens to Hawai’i’s election machinery during the vote counting process.    

We don’t need another covert dictator – we need a positive transformation of Hawai’i’s political landscape.