By Sherilyn Wells, contributing writer

Tick, Tick, Tick…

If you have wondered if the same kind of election corruption and fraud took place in Hawai’i as clearly did in places like Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc…. wonder no more.  It did.  According to former military intelligence analyst Capt. Seth Keshel, Hawai’i tied with Washington State for the “(dis)honor” of the most corrupted 2020 election.

Let that sink in for one moment.  MOST CORRUPTED ELECTION in the United States… that’s us.  Has anyone in our mainstream media, any of our elected officials, shared that information?

Basically, Capt. Keshel’s analysis showed that “they” can take your vote and do anything they want with it and most of us will never know what happened, thanks to a complicit media.  The system would rather keep us asleep or disheartened/neutered, as Hawai’i has none of the protections that will ensure fair and honest elections.  And our current legislature shows no interest in correcting those deficiencies.

A list of Capt. Keshel’s Ten Points To True Election Integrity is found at

Tick, tick, tick:  at the beginning of September, 2022, that evidence of massive fraud will be allowed to legally disappear unless all of us (ALL of us) do something to ensure that the data is preserved for a full forensic audit, shining the light into Hawai’i’s darkest corners.  “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph” is for each of us to read this article, then sit back and take no action.

For example, here’s one way to help immediately:  Audit The Vote Hawai’i is currently purchasing voter rolls in order to clean them up (a basic first step to restore election integrity), but ATVH needs our financial assistance to continue, as only ONE person has financed everything up to this point.

Here’s another, CRITICAL way to help – locate a LAWYER willing to file an injunction, to force the State to preserve the election evidence for a future audit.

And another way to help – start making formal requests to the State for copies of the election evidence.  See below for a website with guidance on how to do this.  Thus far, obfuscation has been the response from the State, stalling as they wait for the clock to run out.

Without each of us doing our part to hold the system accountable NOW for this massive level of election corruption, these criminals will inevitably step up their attack on our rights, increasing their control over every aspect of our lives, in ways that only toxic sociopaths employ.  They brazenly ignore our constitutional rights, our right to medical autonomy (enshrined in the Nuremberg Code), knowing they can install their puppets as “elected officials,” maintaining the appearance that we live in a constitutional republic, while destroying the world as we have known it, one slippery slope at a time.

So what DID Capt. Keshel find when he analyzed the data, split into Democratic and Republican columns, beginning around the election of 2000?  There were predictable, repetitive increases and decreases in both columns at first.  Then Obama caused a surge for the Democrats in 2008, but by 2012, the bloom was off that rose.  The Dem’s numbers were declining.

Trump, the populist challenging the “Swamp,” clearly appealed to Hawai’i’s voters in 2016, pulling the Republican column significantly up, well above its historical percentage/trend.  That Trump-Trend-UP happened again in 2020, once more going beyond the historical pattern to show Trump gaining even MORE support the second time around.  On the island of Ni’i’hau, the only island where ballot manipulation could not take place, the Hawai’ian vote for Trump was 100%!!

So, with this pattern of Trump’s ever-increasing appeal, the vote for Biden in Hawai’i had to be manipulated to an extraordinary degree in order to overcome Trump’s continuing/growing strength.  And it was that “extraordinary, anomalous, outside-all-reasonable shifts” increase that tips us off to fraud.

For our keiki – please take action.  If not now, then when?  If not you, then who?  United we will prevail.

The exact numbers and presentation on Oahu by Capt. Keshel can be seen at –

Here is the link to AUDIT THE VOTE HAWAI’I –

Here is the link to Capt. Seth Keshel’s website –

Here is the link to doing open records requests –

“Tips for FOIAING Election Records.”  If you need more help, send a dm to Lynne@Truth4NJ .