This Country is Leading in “Treatment”
Next Time, Hawai’i, Let’s Lead in Prevention

By Sherilyn Wells, Contributing Writer

March 5, 2022

Do you remember life before overreaching political executives decided to grant themselves extra-statutory powers having less and less to do, over time, with the evolving science and nothing to do with preserving everyone’s constitutional rights?

Do you remember life when the Nuremberg Code (requiring FULLY INFORMED FREE-WILL CHOICE for all experimental medical treatments, like these Covid-19 jabs) was still considered sacrosanct?

Well, Iceland leads the way again… a little late in the game (it’s treatment, not prevention), but WAY ahead of limping-in-almost-last-place Hawai’i.

First time this century:  In 2008, Iceland took the unprecedented step of sending bankers to jail  (the ones who created the financial crisis in their country).  Iceland didn’t PREVENT the crisis, but they applied strong “treatment” (prosecution, jail, etc.) afterwards.  This was in stark contrast to most countries, such as the U.S., who failed to hold any financial felons accountable and who bailed out the institutions these elite criminals ran.

And now:  In 2022, Iceland led the way in another unprecedented move.  After two years of following mostly useless, increasingly harmful global guidance from “public health” organizations like the WHO (and, arguably, the CDC/FDA, thanks to Fauci’s pervasive global influence), Iceland broke ranks with the compliant lemmings and ended all official Covid-19 strategies.

No more mask mandates.

No more “vaccine” (experimental gene therapy) mandates.

No more travel restrictions.

No “vaccine passports” for everyday life.

No more quarantining following exposure.

No more lockdowns.

No more social distancing.

No more mandatory testing.

Back to life the way it was before the government responded to Covid-19 (but acknowledging the excessive levels of death and disability that followed in the wake of those jabs, of course).

WHY?  Because none of those strategies worked, rarely had a sound scientific basis, and, in many cases, actually made things worse.

Proving the point:  Iceland is now about 80% jabbed, which translates to approximately 90% of their adults having taken the experimental injections.  That was supposed to ensure great statistics as the variants came along.  However, Iceland is in the midst of a huge surge in Covid cases/hospitalizations (a massive failure of the “vaccines” to prevent infection and transmission).  So they have finally decided that allowing robust natural immunity to develop in their population is the healthiest way to proceed.

There’s one “tiny” problem in this belated strategy, this approach that we routinely used in the past:  what will happen when someone’s immune system with (1) all those circulating, reproducing spike proteins, embedded in organs, creating clots and inflammation, (2) the mRNA changing to DNA and entering nuclei, etc., (3) the more limited form of immune response created by having the jab, encounters another version of the wild virus? 

Only time will tell if those who chose to jab are now at higher risk of phenomena like ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement), cytokine cascades, pathogenic priming, etc., as they encounter variants.  Earlier attempts at developing an mRNA vaccine did not turn out well for those lab animals.  We can only hope TODAY’s lab animals – the global jabbed population – fare better in the end.

One thing that may help the jabbed is to allow all health professionals to freely share what they believe to be effective methods of shifting the jabbed’s immune systems back to some level of comprehensive recovery.  That requires a new mandate:  stopping the censorship, the suppression of evolving information that was the most egregious pandemic of them all.

To refuse to allow censorship requires elected officials with a backbone and a commitment to constitutional freedoms, unlike the majority of Hawai’i’s politicians and agency personnel, who appeared to either be actively complicit or to choose compliance, cowardice, or cluelessness over courage and commitment, ignoring their duty to us.

How do we get those officials-with-a-backbone in the future?  One way.  We do a full forensic audit of Hawai’i’s electoral system, identify all the ways our electoral process ran off the rails, and take strong measures to ensure it never happens again.

WE are the antidote.