My name is Levana Lomma and back in May of 2020 I lost my job due to Covid-19 along with many of my civil liberties. I knew that no emergency could justify the level of government overreach we were seeing in all of this, so we came together to form For Our Rights, a non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to helping the community navigate in this new world where the protection of basic fundamental rights seem to be a thing of the past. We appreciate you taking the time today to listen to our concerns and hope that you will research further what we have to share.

Over the course of 10 months since this began, we have spent thousands of hours researching the science behind this alleged “pandemic” and the incredibly restrictive measures that have been adopted along the way. What we have found is that no matter how many times we hear politicians say that “we must look at the science,” it has become obvious that is exactly what most are refusing to do. 

We are asking you to please let us share with you, not our opinion about Covid-19, but the real raw, factual data from peer reviewed scientific studies, randomised trials, and articles written by virologists and other experts, that all paint a very different picture than the one that our mainstream media wants everyone to believe. Countless scientists, doctors and other experts are coming forward to share the truth about Covid-19 and the flawed PCR test, as well as the dangers in continued lockdowns. The evidence of a worldwide scheme through the manipulation of statistics is absolutely staggering.

It has been nearly a year since this all began and so far on Kaua’i there has been merely one alleged death from Covid-19.The current statistical data at the local level hardly constitutes an emergency and yet we continue to see restrictive measures destroying people’s lives. Some have spent their whole lives building their businesses only to have it all ripped away. Children are being denied a proper education in a setting that allows them to be human, and many are falling into deep depression as there seems to be no end to this insanity. We simply cannot afford to take a one size fits all approach any longer. We should base local policies on local statistics rather than allowing nationwide data that can be easily manipulated to dictate our future. 

Since the very beginning of all of this there have been changes in the overall methodology around death reporting as the CDC handed down directives to doctors and hospitals to take on a new approach than what is typical. Doctors are now being told that they must list Covid-19 as the cause of death as long as it is present or presumed to be present, even if it’s been up to 60 days since testing positive and regardless of the true cause of death. The vast majority of deaths being called Covid-related are in fact being falsely attributed to Covid-19 and in many cases, laboratory testing is not even necessary. Doctors can claim it is Covid-19 based on mere suspicion alone and it is no secret that there is financial incentive to do so. Medicare is paying $13K for every Covid-19 hospitalization and nearly $40K if that patient is put on a ventilator. In the state of Hawai’i it has been reported that each Covid-19 hospitalization brings in $300K in federal aid.

Some very important information was made public in September. The CDC updated their website and admitted that only 6% of the deaths recorded could be attributed solely to Covid-19 and that 94% had an average of 2.6 comorbidities. This means that out of the 200,000 deaths reported only about 10 thousand could really be called covid deaths and that most of these people are not dying from Covid-19, they are dying with it.

Additionally, when you look at the CDC data, deaths from all other causes have drastically declined this year. I shared with you an article that was actually pulled from the internet shortly after publication, likely because it destroys the pandemic narrative. It was published by the Johns Hopkins Newsletter and is titled “A Closer Look at U.S. Deaths Due to Covid-19”. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the CDC. What she discovered is that while Covid-19 deaths have gone up, so has deaths from all other causes sharply declined. When you look at the numbers it is clear to see that what we see here is merely a rebranding. Instead of the death being labeled what it should have been, it has been assigned to Covid-19 instead. The truth of it is there is no excess death from Covid-19 and you can also see the evidence in that based on the lack of increase in overall death by age group. Because Covid-19 causes death more often in the elderly, you would expect that there would be an increase in death in the age group above 50, but she found that the numbers remain the same as any previous year.  Most important though, when Briand compared the decrease in deaths from other causes to the increase in deaths from Covid-19 the values match up nearly perfectly. It is proof positive that there is no pandemic and instead only a misrepresentation through skewed data. All of this can be found in the fourth link we shared with you yesterday.

The chart above shows how the total decrease in deaths from all other causes directly correlates with the numbers being attributed to Covid-19. 

The widely used method of detection of Covid-19 is the RT-PCR test. It has been approved for use by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization only because it was never meant to be used for diagnosis. The inventor of the test himself, Kary Mullis, made this clear before he died, when he spoke of the test being used to detect HIV. He said that the PCR test does not detect viruses themselves. It can only detect proteins. Those proteins must be amplified through a process of magnification considered the Cycle Threshold or CT Count. The problem with this is once you use more than 35 cycles to get a positive reading, a live virus culture from such a sample is impossible.

Since you can get a positive reading from nearly any sample that is amplified enough, a positive result on a PCR test does not mean that you are sick or that you are contagious. You can have dead viral particles even from the common cold that will register as a positive result when amplified enough times. There is a video circulating the internet where an Autrian MP in Parliament performed a rapid result PCR test using Coca-cola and it produced a positive result. Many scientists agree that roughly 90% of all positive tests are in fact false positives.

Even Dr. Fauci himself has admitted on film that when a sample is taken using a PCR test, anything over 35 cycles makes viral culture impossible, and essentially deems the test useless.

It is interesting to learn that the standard recommendation for cycle threshold according to the CDC is guidance for 40 cycles. This means that labs nationwide are using a high CT count and the vast majority of positive test results simply cannot be known to contain live virus, and thus it cannot be proven that the test subject is actually infectious.

This highly flawed test is what has been dictating policies all across the board and it is absolutely criminal. The vast majority of people testing positive are not sick and are not spreading disease, yet they are being forced into isolation like prisoners when they have committed no crime and are being denied all rights to due process.

We have to stop allowing the fear propaganda around “confirmed cases” dictate policy when livelihoods are at stake and the implications of the so-called “mitigation” tactics are far worse than the virus itself. People’s constitutional rights are being trampled on and we simply cannot allow this to continue.

The overall mortality rate of Covid-19 has never been worse than the flu and it continues to fall as you can see from the graph that I shared with you. It clearly shows that while cases may continue to rise we still don’t see an increase in the death rate. This is nothing more than a “casedemic” with no real consequence to life besides the detriment from the policies being put in place based on these so called cases:

There is absolutely no justification for the continued destruction of our economy and the continued deprivation of rights. We are supposed to be living in a free and democratic society where the rights of the people are protected from government overreach through a system of checks and balances. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and no emergency situation can supersede its authority. It may have been considered appropriate early on as we still did not know exactly what we were dealing with, but we have had plenty of time now to determine there is no real threat and to figure out how to deal with this situation without the need for continued oppression and violation of people’s rights. At this point liability falls on the legislative branch for failing to take action to restore balance to our system. We are calling on you to recognize this and step forward.

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution reads: No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. This amendment guarantees equal protection of rights for all citizens and the right to due process, and yet this is exactly what we are being denied with the Mayor’s mandatory 14 day quarantine. Perfectly healthy people are being locked up for exercising their right to freely travel and all rights to challenge their incarceration through proper due process are being ignored.

We are being forced into quarantine without any court order and no notification of the right to contest as we should according to our own Hawai’i law under HRS 325-8. Governor Ige has no authority to suspend any laws, and even if he is given that authority through enacting the emergency statute his power has expired many months ago according to section 14(d) of that statute which clearly states that an emergency order automatically terminates after 60 days. The governor cannot be allowed unhindered power, indefinitely and without any boundaries as long as he continues to declare that an emergency exists! There is absolutely no evidence of a local state of emergency and we simply cannot allow this to continue.

Let me also talk a bit now about one of the biggest deceptions fueling this so called crisis: Asymptomatic Spread

The concept of asymptomatic spread is unfounded and the World Health Organization themselves admitted back in June that secondary infection from those showing no symptoms is “very rare.” I shared the link where Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, says this and I hope you had a chance to view that. 

Also a new study has emerged out of China in which 10 million people participated. 1,174 people were traced who had come in contact with those who were considered positive but asymptomatic, and not one of those contacts tested positive for Covid-19. This is the second study of this nature. The first was done back in May, in China as well and out of 455 people that were traced back to one asymptomatic Covid-19 positive person, not even one of them were found to be positive.

This concept of asymptomatic spread is nothing more than a theory that has never been proven and it is at the heart of this irrational fear around Covid-19 and the continued infringement upon our rights. It is literally destroying humanity. It is a concept that has moved us into a place where simply breathing makes you a threat to society. It has fractured the very nature of the Hawaiian culture, removing the Ha from the word Aloha and promoting separation instead of community.

This leads right into the controversy over the masks. When considering the effectiveness and benefit to widespread mask wearing it is no longer a question of science. Those who have done their research know that there are decades of studies that clearly show that oxygen deprivation and exposure to excess carbon dioxide due to prolonged mask wearing is harmful. The brain needs oxygen to function properly, especially for small children whose brains are still developing. But no matter your age, all human beings need proper levels of oxygen intake in order to operate optimally. Forcing a child to wear a mask for 6 hours a day in school or elsewhere is child abuse. Forcing employees to wear face coverings for eight hours a day increases the risk of accidents due to oxygen deprivation and is ultimately equivalent to torture.

The size of a virus is so small that no face covering can keep viral particles out or in. We already know this. At this point we can clearly see that mandating mask wearing has had no effect on stopping case numbers and it in fact could even possibly be attributed to the rise in cases because of contact surface spread due to improper use and sanitation. We all know that many people are reusing the same mask for days or even weeks without washing it, because they only wear it to get into the stores. Let’s stop trying to pretend like this is truly about protecting public health. We all know that it is simply about compliance and that it has gone way too far.

No one should be rebreathing their own carbon dioxide if they want to keep their immunity up. It is absolutely counter productive, but if they really want to that’s fine, it should be their choice! The use of face masks should be entirely voluntary. Every human being has a God-given right to bodily autonomy and it should never be infringed upon by the government. This forced masking of healthy people must stop. The World Health Organization wrote an article early on that stated only those who are sick or caring for the sick should be wearing a mask. Dr. Fauci also said the very same thing early on. There is no science to support this idea that masking healthy people has any benefit and instead we have years of study proving the risks. If we are trying to protect public health, how can we possibly ignore the risk factors?

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And this goes for other public health issues being completely ignored. Why is Covid-19 the only health concern being discussed? What about the rise in depression and drug abuse? What about the people living in poverty now thanks to the covid restrictions? Why are we not taking any time to think ahead and evaluate the risks involved in continuing on this path of economic and social destruction?

What about all of the kupuna suffering because they cannot breathe when they wear a mask and now they are confined to their homes because they are not allowed in public without one? My 74 year old mother just got a ticket for violating covid orders because she used a scarf to enter a grocery store instead of a “proper mask”. My mother has high blood pressure and heart issues. She cannot wear a mask and I am in constant fear that she will have a heart attack from the continued excess stress and anxiety from these unwarranted mandates. She cries to me everyday that she just wants to end her life and now she is afraid she will go to jail over this ticket. I thought these measures were about protecting the elderly, but all I see is abuse. I receive countless emails and phone calls every week from people all over this state who are suffering as a result of restrictions that hold no merit. They cry out to us for help and it is heartbreaking to hear their stories.

This is why we have filed two lawsuits. One in state court to challenge the emergency orders based on the 60 day provision in HRS 127A under section 14(d). This case is going to the appellate court where we pray that the judges will agree that the 60 day provision was written as such to remain aligned with the separation of powers doctrine in our Hawai’i State Constitution. The second lawsuit is filed in federal court demanding a strict scrutiny review of the emergency orders due to the fundamental constitutional rights violations being imposed by the mask mandate. But this course of action is one that may take many months to resolve and this is why we come to you today asking that you please do your part to move for policy change that will truly protect the lives of the people here in Hawai’i.

All of these deceptions, including the misuse of the PCR test and the theory of asymptomatic spread is leaving our community so gripped by fear that we can no longer seem to engage in any critical thinking anymore. Our children are suffering, our kupuna are being kept in isolation to die alone and suicide rates are sky rocketing. How much life are we going to continue to sacrifice for a virus that is clearly not dangerous? When do we stop living in fear and start focusing on boosting our immune system? We will never be able to end Covid-19, we have to get back to living life as we should and allow for natural herd immunity to take place.

If we are going to live our lives in constant fear of death, are we truly living? It is time for us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We absolutely reject the New Normal if it means we must live in a dictatorship, under constant surveillance and being subjected to medical tyranny in the form of mandatory testing, temperature taking and vaccines. 

Governments in every country are all parotting the same narrative that we cannot go back to normal until we have a vaccine. It is terrifying to think that we may soon not be allowed to travel or even enter a store to buy groceries without proof of a vaccine. This is absolute tyranny in the highest form and there is simply no room for this kind of thinking in a free country. All vaccines come with risks and all vaccine manufacturers have been cleared from liability if you are injured. In this case, where there is risk, there must be choice. This Covid-19 vaccine was rushed into production and has already proven to be fatal for at least two participants in the human trials. Many others are experiencing serious adverse reactions. Not only that, this newly introduced mRNA vaccine technology has never been used on humans before and it works by literally altering your DNA. It is an experimental medical intervention and all rights to informed consent must not be denied.  We will need to schedule another meeting with you very soon to discuss this very important threat. We could spend a whole day on just this topic alone.

For now, one of the most important issues that must be addressed and remedied is this forced quarantine for all those arriving on Kauai. You simply cannot demand that anyone be forced to quarantine without any judicial review. This is completely UNLAWFUL. You cannot quarantine an individual without any evidence that a quarantine is warranted and you certainly cannot justify locking them up if they have taken a test to prove that they are not infected! I have been in contact with a couple on Oahu who are being forced to quarantine in Honolulu because upon arrival it was found that their test was not from the right source, so even though they have proof they are negative they are locked up for their entire stay. How can this be considered appropriate? This is just one of many examples of how the policies around Covid-19 seem to be much more like a business plan rather than one to protect public health.

We need to allow the people to freely come and go and allow tourists to bring their money to support the families here. We need our children to be able to go back to school without masks and without removing everything that makes them children. They need to see smiles and facial expressions. They need hugs and to be close to one another. We do not want our children on a computer screen, in isolation being increasingly cut off from the essence of life and each other. 

We are asking you to please stand up for what is right. We represent thousands of people in Hawai’i right now that know the truth and are tired of the lies and deception. They want their freedom back. We need for you to call for action to create policies that we the people get to have a say in. We can no longer continue to allow for dictatorial power under what’s being called an emergency. An emergency is a temporary situation. There has to be a cut off point and a boundary to the governor’s powers. This was clearly written into our laws but is being swept aside in order to maintain this momentum towards total destruction based on illogical, irrational fear. 

The executive branch does not make the laws. We are calling on you to do your job to enforce the system of checks and balances. It has been long enough for us to see what’s really going on and we urge you to open your eyes and listen to our pleas. We elected you to represent us and we trust that you will do just that, not just for us, but for your own children and grandchildren. We are all counting on you.